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This is one of the most important books you will ever read in your life. I make this statement without reservation, for I am convinced that you will arrive at the same conclusion with each paragraph and page you read. This brilliant work not only provides you the keys to understanding complex truths that have been deliberately suppressed by those tasked to record history, but helps you unlock doors to the past, present and future.

As you are guided through each door and over every threshold, your understanding of history increases. So too, does your contextual understanding of current events, and how current events are being managed to shape the future.


In my three decades of experience as an investigator working complex, high-dollar fraud investigations and conducting investigation and forensic analysis on violent, mysterious deaths that included a number of high-profile homicides, I’ve learned that things are not always as they appear. More often than not, I had to sift through countless lies, deliberate deception, and staged crime scenes that clouded the truth of the matter I was investigating.

The truth was always elusive and at times, seemed far beyond my grasp. Unlike television or movies, the truth was never forthcoming in an hour or by the end of the film. Getting to the truth was never a tidy process nor was it ever comfortable.

Like others who have seen senseless acts of violence increase in both number and viciousness, I began to seek answers to the larger questions in life. Perhaps it’s the result of decades of working as an investigator, or perhaps it’s simply an artifact of maturity. Regardless of the cause, I began my own search for truth in life against the backdrop of all of the lies and deception I’ve seen. I soon learned that I was not alone in my quest.

As I talked to friends and family, I began to learn they too had questions. Perhaps most importantly, I learned that like the cases I encountered, the path to truth was riddled with deception, half-truths, outright lies, and revised history.

It was toward the end of my investigative career and at the height of my search for answers when I met Paul McGuire. As a product of my experience in the realm of investigations, I was always on guard with people, as it seemed that nearly everybody had some angle or agenda that biased the truth. After spending time and talking with Paul about a range of topics that included history as well as current events, I was impressed by not only his comprehension of such issues, but his insight into the future.

Perhaps most importantly, I was impressed with his unwavering integrity and unmatched tenacity to expose that which has remained hidden. I was also impressed by the way in which he was able to convey his findings in an easily understandable fashion, yet possessed the ability to shatter false paradigms of a contrived, man-made reality.

It was the direct result of Paul McGuire’s research, findings, and writings that I was finally able to make sense of what seemed to be the incomprehensible. It was as if I found my star witness, that one person who could fill in the gaps of an otherwise convoluted crime scene and connect the dots! It was and is because of Paul McGuire that I’ve been able to see the extent of the lies that exist all around us, and understand exactly how these lies serve to create a narrative that will never make sense until they are identified, exposed, and readily explained. “Mass Awakening” does just that.

As explained in this masterful work, truth is the new pornography. Truth has become the casualty of history and those who write it. Moreover, it is being exploited to shape our perception of reality, past and present, and to mold the future. As difficult as it is to believe, at times, and as much as I did not want to believe it, we have been lied to all of our lives. And not about small things, either, but about very important aspects of our existence. Through this work, you will understand the motive and means of those behind the lies and the opportunities used to propagate them.

If you are one of the many people who are sensing a gathering darkness overtaking our nation and the world, and are striving to understand what’s really going on around you, this book will provide the answers you seek. If you have noticed that things are not as they appear and want to know why, Paul McGuire provides you with the answers in his latest and most comprehensive book.

The contents of this book will astound you and change the way you view the world around you. Paul McGuire will jar you awake, and expose our real, unadulterated history while providing critical context to current events. This book breaks through the suppression of truth, past and present, and provides vital insight into the future.

After all, it is the truth we seek. It is the truth, and nothing but the truth, that we deserve. Paul McGuire provides it in this book.

It is his most powerful work yet from a very gifted author, and a man I admire and respect.

- Douglas J. Hagmann, Host, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report





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