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The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery

by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson

A mystery-solving journey into the connection between the world’s most infamous secret society, the Bible’s greatest prophetic riddle, and the surprising hope we can have in the end times.


Nations are drowning in unparalleled levels of debt. Fears of a cataclysmic economic collapse are growing. And global leaders such as Pope Francis are warning of World War III.
Meanwhile, many sense “something is coming” as the last of the four blood moons, the biblical Shemitah, “Newton’s Riddle” and other potentially prophetic events converge this fall and throughout 2016.          

These and other troubling events in today’s world reveal time is running out on God’s prophetic clock. Are we now witnessing the creation of a global stage that the Bible predicts will be overtaken by the Antichrist in the end times?
Unlocking a great biblical mystery that has puzzled scholars for nearly 2,000 years, and what famed evangelist Billy Graham calls a convergence in end-times signs for the first time in history, THE BABYLON CODE foretells an international takeover by the world’s elite— a global political and financial coup that will set the stage for the last days.



The prophecy’s origins begin in Genesis at the Tower of Babel and culminate in Revelation with the Battle of Armageddon. It revolves around “Mystery, Babylon” – the Bible’s greatest prophetic riddle – and reveals how secret forces are at work to create a global government, economic system and religion. Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist Troy Anderson and prophecy expert Paul McGuire have pieced together the apocalyptic puzzle with award-winning journalism and credible end-times expertise.
The investigative book exposes how a secret cabal of elite power brokers is creating a global government and cashless society.

Geopolitical and prophecy experts are sounding the alarm that secret trade pacts, laws undermining American sovereignty and the United Nations’ summits on “sustainable development” and climate change in September and December are just a ruse to create what is in effect a global state. Stunningly, a new report by the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University warns a “global totalitarian state” is one of the top 12 risks threatening the future of human civilization.




is based on decades of research, more than 100 interviews (Billy Graham, Noam Chomsky, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Joel Rosenberg, Pastor Greg Laurie and many others) and the review of hundreds of books and tens of thousands of pages of government and academic documents and news articles. The book points to a
daunting series of apocalyptic events in recent years that have prompted many to ask whether the biblical end-times have finally arrived:

•    Plummeting Morality

•    Spiritual Apostasy
•    Exploding National Debts
•    Severe Economic Turmoil
•    Political Uncertainty
•    Rise of the Surveillance State
•    A Spate of Historic Natural Disasters
•    Worsening Worldwide Drought
•    Record-Breaking Extreme Weather
•    A Growing Risk of a Nuclear Conflagration

THE BABYLON CODE has been endorsed by many of the most notable faith leaders and secular experts of our time, including Dr. Tim LaHaye, Sid Roth, Pat Boone, Pastor Jack Hayford, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Dr. Thomas R. Horn, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Dr. Hugh Ross, Pastor Michael Youssef, Jan Markell, Michael Snyder and others.

In an out-of-control, upside-down world, THE BABYLON CODE uncovers not only what may be the biggest story and political scandal in modern history, but also the secret to both our survival and our salvation.

About the Authors:

PAUL MCGUIRE is an internationally recognized prophecy expert, speaker, and author of 26 books, including Mass Awakening, A Prophecy of the Future of America and The Day the Dollar Died. Paul is a feature film producer, host of the television series Apocalypse and the End Times, commentator on Fox News, CNN, and The History Channel. He was the nationally syndicated radio talk show host for ten years of the Paul McGuire Show, host of The McGuire Report, and a frequent guest on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Paul is a professor on Bible prophecy and has been the Executive Producer on two science fiction films in Hollywood and lives in Los Angeles.
TROY ANDERSON is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist and executive editor of Charisma magazine and Charisma Media, one of the nation’s largest Christian media outlets. A reporter, bureau chief and editorial writer at the Los Angeles Daily News and other newspapers for two decades, Anderson’s work has also appeared in Reuters, Newsmax, Christianity Today and Human Events.

Book Details:
THE BABYLON CODE by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson
FaithWords | Hachette Book Group
October 6, 2015 | 1-4555-8943-8
368 Pages | $24 | Hardcover

Advance Praise for The Babylon Code

“Having read more than fifty books that expose the satanically inspired ‘hidden hand’ of the Illuminati type secularists this book in my judgment is by far the best. The book reveals the truth about the ancient teachings, religious legends, pagan doctrines, and false religious myths that have plagued Christianity and the western world for centuries. THE BABYLON CODE is true to the prophetic scriptures, especially those that have to do with the end times; carefully researched and well written, it is an enjoyable read.


I recommend it to anyone concerned about today’s worldwide chaos and the soon to come end of days that the Bible teaches us about.”

Dr. Tim LaHaye, Minister, Co-Author of the Left Behind Series, and Christian Educator

 “Prophetic events are rapidly converging as we approach the wrap up of history. At the same time, God has revealed pieces of the end-time puzzle to many different people. The Babylon Code by Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire features amazing research from many experts that allows us to put the puzzle together. What the world sees as a mystery should not be hidden from God’s people!”

Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural! TV

“Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have written a powerful and compelling book, The Babylon Code, which unravels the mystery code of ancient Babylon in the light of the prophetic scriptures. The authors reveal from the accounts of Babylon in Genesis and also in the Book of Revelation prophetic signs which shed light on current events today and point to the nearness of the Lord’s return to earth.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church in Dallas, Author of Countdown to the Apocalypse

“I am so glad that Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson decided to do this book. Without a doubt, there are powerful forces and secret societies that are working tirelessly to influence the direction of our society from behind the scenes. I believe that you will be shocked by what you learn in this book.”

Michael Snyder, Publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog

“As Shakespeare’s Hamlet once famously said to Horatio, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ This is so true.

But now, as the world hurtles toward cataclysmic end-times events, prescient clarity of cascading global affairs are desperately needed for all who will listen. Enter journalist Troy Anderson and prophecy expert Paul McGuire who carefully uncover a prophetic mystery that began at the Tower of Babel and will culminate with the Battle of Armageddon.”

Dr. Thomas R. Horn, Bestselling Author

“As I look at Israel and other world events taking place around us, it is clear we are in the Last Days. Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have given us an excellent resource to understand the times in which we live. I highly recommend you read this book.”

Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries, International

 “Authors Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have done a masterful job in compiling and then synthesizing the work of more than 100 Bible prophecy scholars. Their assessment points to the conclusion that we are, indeed, approaching the time of Christ’s return. I especially appreciate their urgent call to all Christians to make good use of whatever time remains to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior, our Living Hope, to people in every walk of life and every ethnic group around the world.”

Hugh Ross, Founder and President of Reasons to Believe

“As you read this investigative book you will be excused in thinking that you are reading the headlines of today’s newspapers. Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson’s summary of how the world began with a vision of globalization and will end with the same vision will encourage those who are anticipating the return of Christ. By the same token it is an invitation for those who are living only for this life to come and place their whole faith in Christ alone.”

Michael Youssef, Author of Jesus, Jihad and Peace

“As we move more and more into globalism, this book is a great outline and a road map as to how that happened. It began with Nimrod and will end with Antichrist. Through it all, we’re to occupy until Jesus comes and that message comes through clearly in this book.”

Jan Markell, Founder, Olive Tree Ministries

“If you are wondering what on earth is going on in our world today you must read this book. The research analyzed within is unparalleled and will give you the facts and insight you need to grasp a deeper understanding about the unbelievable changes taking place in the world today. The Babylon Code will provide you with the information and clarity essential to be a Christian of vision equipped to think and live in accordance with a biblical worldview against the backdrop of Agenda 21, Common Core, the Federal Reserve, corrupt government, and the influence of thousands of occult organizations all seeking to destroy the sovereignty of the United States in an attempt to set up a one-world government police state while eliminating the freedoms our founding fathers gave us which made this country the most prosperous and blessed habitation on earth. This book will draw you to your own search of the scriptures and will develop the assurance in your heart that the Bible is the infallible inspired, inerrant Word of The Living God.”

Doc Beshore, President of the World Bible Society and Host of the Bible Institute of the Air radio program

The Babylon Code Q & A with Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson

Q: What is The Babylon Code about?

McGuire: The Babylon Code is about an explosive prophetic mystery that contains stunning predictions regarding the future of America and the world. The investigative book — the culmination of decades of research into the link between current events, secret societies and end-times biblical predictions — reveals the enigmatic secrets embedded in what the Book of Revelation describes as “Mystery, Babylon.” This cryptic phrase is one of the primary keys to understanding the breathtaking convergence and acceleration in end-times signs and strange events we now see unfolding throughout the world. Fascination with prophecy is growing exponentially as people everywhere are waiting to see what the last of the four blood moons, the biblical Shemitah, Sir Isaac Newton’s end-times prediction known as “Newton’s Riddle” and other potentially prophetic signs bring this fall and throughout 2016. The Babylon Code not only pieces together this apocalyptic puzzle and explains what is really going on behind the scenes, but it also offers a surprising message of hope. We believe we’ve been called as “watchmen on the wall” to sound the alarm and wake people up so they can prepare themselves and their families for what the Bible calls the “end of the age.”       

Anderson: The Babylon Code uncovers what we believe could be the biggest story and political scandal in modern times. Featuring exclusive interviews with more than 100 faith leaders and prophecy experts such as Billy Graham, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Joel Rosenberg, the investigative book offers concrete and convincing evidence that an elite group of wealthy globalists are involved in an international takeover – a political and financial coup that will ultimately culminate in a global government and cashless society. An ancient prophetic mystery foretold this would happen in the end times. This biblical cryptogram involves Babylon – the second most mentioned city in the Bible besides Jerusalem. The prophecy begins in Genesis at the Tower of Babel and ends in Revelation with the Battle of Armageddon. It revolves around “Mystery, Babylon” – the Bible’s greatest end-times riddle – and reveals how the elite and their interlocking network of transnational corporations, international banks, supranational bodies, think tanks, secret societies and clandestine organizations are working to create a global government and economic system without the knowledge or consent of most of the world.     

Q:  How did you solve the mystery?

McGuire: In decoding “Mystery, Babylon,” we conducted a massive amount of research and interviews. Also, we didn’t just look at the Bible as a spiritual or religious book. We delved into it as a multi-dimensional code that has its origins beyond the dimensions of time and space. We researched quantum physics, string theory, the DNA code, Transhumanism, the Singularity and other cutting-edge sciences. For example, the Tower of Babel is not simply an ancient architectural wonder. The tower, which evidence suggests was actually built 40,000 to 11,000 years ago, was a center of occult worship that Nimrod – an archetype of the Antichrist – used to unite the known world in rebellion against God. It was the first attempt at creating a world

Anderson: In investigating what we’ve dubbed The Babylon Code, I used the same skill set I developed as an award-winning journalist at a variety of newspapers and magazines. A decade ago, I was featured as an investigative reporter in the McGraw-Hill Companies book Careers for Puzzle Solvers & Other Methodical Thinker. At the time, I was a political and investigative reporter at the Los Angeles Daily News. Shortly afterwards, I was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for writing a series of articles exposing corruption in the foster care system. I used the same skill set to unravel the prophetic cryptogram of “Mystery, Babylon.” I interviewed more than 100 faith leaders and experts in geopolitics, economics, science and theology, including famed evangelist Billy Graham who said signs of the end of the age are “converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.” The five-year investigation also involved the review of tens of thousands of pages of government documents, academic and think tank reports, news articles, and hundreds of books.   
Q.  What did you uncover?

McGuire: First, beginning in ancient Babylon, God warned the world not to create a world government centered on the worship and deification of mankind. The Tower of Babel story is a warning from God time-coded to be understood today. The prophet Daniel wrote that prophecy would be “sealed until the time of the end” when only those “who are wise will understand.” Now, thousands of years later, the very thing God warned us about— a global government, economic system and religion — is emerging right in front of our eyes. The overwhelming consensus among the more than 100 faith, prophecy and other experts interviewed for The Babylon Code is that the world is either in the run-up to the end-times political and economic system predicted by the prophets, or the end of human civilization is rapidly approaching as a result of climate change, the growing potential of nuclear war and a host of other ominous threats.   

Anderson: Our investigation uncovered stunning evidence that not only has the countdown to Armageddon begun, but a secretive elite are involved in an international political and economic takeover – what one former United States official calls a “global financial coup d’état.” As we investigated this prophetic mystery sweeping across time, we unearthed evidence that connects a secretive, international power structure with ties to ancient Babylon—the occult-enmeshed civilization where the “magic of money manipulation” and early banking originated —to what today’s globalists call the New World Order.

Q. Who exactly is behind the creation of this global government?

McGuire: We go into great detail in the book about the names of the groups and covert organizations promoting this agenda. But the important thing to understand is that the globalists behind what they call the “New International Order” or the “Global Union” have essentially the same belief systems as those in ancient Babylon. For most of human history, people have lived under pharaohs, Caesars, emperors, kings, feudal lords, dictators and tyrants of various sorts. The conflict between tyranny and liberty dates to the beginning of human history. Today, the powerful forces that sought to create an imperial empire in ancient Babylon are attempting to do the same thing again under the guise of “global governance” through trade treaties, international laws and supranational government bodies and institutions.  

Anderson: For those who get most of their information from the mainstream media— now controlled by six corporations who in turn are controlled by the power elite in secretive organizations like the Bilderberg Group— it may seem incredulous that powerful forces are working to create a global government and cashless society. In recent months, though, even the mainstream media has been filled with news about this emerging world system. For example, global leaders are now calling for a “world political authority” to address climate change. The Guardian newspaper described it as “a kind of super-U.N. to deal with the world’s economic problems and injustices.” Recently, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., criticized President Obama for pushing global trade pacts “encompassing up to 90 percent of world GDP” that would create a “secret Pacific Union”— compromising America’s sovereignty and transferring power to “an elite set who dream of writing rules in foreign capitals.” In September and December, world leaders are expected to attend United Nations’ summits on sustainable development and climate change that critics describe as a “blueprint for governing the entire planet.”   

Q. How will this impact people?

McGuire: People are being trained to believe that the answer to all of mankind’s problems is to have a “one world” globalist society with a world government, economy and religion. As an example, the New York skyscraper that replaced the Twin Towers destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks is now called the One World Trade Center. It’s simply a reimagining of the Tower of Babel. As we learned in the account of ancient Babylon in Genesis and its re-emergence in Revelation as “Mystery, Babylon,” the prophets warned against a “one world” society. The Bible cautions that it would be a satanic Babylonian system posing an existential danger to every man, woman and child alive on Earth. In The Babylon Code, we reveal exactly what will happen when this global system is finally put into place.

Anderson: On the surface, the creation of a global government would seem like a good thing. After all, as the argument goes, if we’re ever going to achieve world peace, we’ll have to do away with the major source of wars and the threat of nuclear Armageddon — the nation-state. This is the ancient utopian dream— embodied in my ancestor German poet and playwright Friedrich von Schiller’s famed poem Ode to Joy about the “brotherhood of man.” Ludwig van Beethoven set it to music in the Ninth Symphony. The European Union, a model for the coming “Global Union” that would join together 10 regional unions throughout the world, adopted Ode to Joy as its national anthem decades ago. The late Beatle John Lennon sang of Schiller’s “brotherhood of man” in his signature song, “Imagine”— the unofficial anthem for many of a utopian world of peace and harmony. Yet the Apostle John warns in the Book of Revelation that a diabolical figure, a master of deception and subterfuge, will exploit the world’s hopes for “peace and security” in the end times and create a world dictatorship.  

Q.  What about those people who might be tempted to say that all this is just a “conspiracy theory,” or that it is not important to them personally?

McGuire: First of all, if we believe the Bible was supernaturally authored by God, then we need to acknowledge that anything contained in the Bible – including prophecy, the accounts of ancient Babylon and the reemergence of the Babylonian political and economic system in the last days – must have enormous significance to us personally and as a society. God deliberately gave us a warning about globalism in the Genesis account of the Tower of Babel. As a result of the Internet and social media, the world has undergone a paradigm shift in thinking in recent years. Up until relatively recently if you discussed things like the New World Order, Shadow Government, Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, Yale’s Skull & Bones or the “1 percent,” many would scoff – believing these are just “conspiracy theories.” This is no longer the case. As we point out in our book, polls show 28 percent of Americans voters – and 40 percent of Republican voters – believe a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda are working to create an authoritarian world government. Even more surprising, a survey by the University of Chicago found 51 percent of Americans believe that “much of what happens in the world today is decided by a small and secretive group of individuals”—a so-called “secret cabal.” A growing number of respected political analysts, economists, historians, theologians and intellectuals from both the left and the right are taking these subjects very seriously. These topics are no longer relegated as “conspiracy theories” except by a minority of people who are out of touch with powerful developments in the last two decades or so.

Anderson: We emphasize with anyone who is skeptical about conspiracy theories and secret societies, as that was the case by both of us initially. But when we began to dig deeper and separate the disinformation from the truth, we found substantive proof regarding certain claims. In addition, we discovered that the goal of many of these organizations is ultimately to create a global government and economic system. Surprisingly, these goals are openly stated in dozens of reports on the websites of some of these organizations or were confirmed in interviews. Also, we discovered there is an astonishing array of legitimate historical sources, including statements by the Founding Fathers and many others, about the existence of secret societies and their ultimate plans. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and many other prominent figures warned of the dangers of the wealthy elite, their secret societies and interconnected political and financial networks. They spoke of the “money power,” the “invisible government,” “a small group of dominant men” with inordinate power and influence, and what journalist Bill Moyers called the “Secret Government.” 

Q.  What makes The Babylon Code different from other prophecy books that have attempted to tackle this subject and why is it important that people read this book?

McGuire: The Babylon Code is the first major book on prophecy that seriously connects all the dots, not only in terms of Bible prophecy, but also in terms of politics, economics, science, technology and culture. It’s the first book by a mainstream investigative journalist and a prophecy expert to explore the link between current events, secret societies and end-times biblical predictions. The book explains Bible prophecy and current events in a very clear and intriguing way to help people make sense out of all the strange things going on in our world today. It also provides practical information readers can use to prepare themselves and their loved ones for major changes that are soon coming.

Anderson: We live in a world that is going out of control. Every day we see media reports about riots, ISIS terrorist attacks and the growing possibility of a global economic meltdown and even all-out war. Now, the most powerful men in the world are suggesting we need some kind of “New International Order” or “Global Union” to manage the chaos. But is this chaos accidental or has it been planned by an international power structure with ties to ancient Babylon? Today everything is coming full circle. But instead of Nimrod, the Antichrist will control the world. No one knows how much longer until this happens, but the faith leaders and prophecy experts we interviewed believe time is quickly running out. If this is truly the “end of the age” as Billy Graham said in an interview, we should be doing all we can to prepare our families for the end times and spread the message so others can get ready too.       

Q.  In The Babylon Code you document the fact that it is not just faith leaders and Bible prophecy teachers, but professors from some of the most prominent universities in the world such as Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and the University of California, Berkeley who are warning that the “global governance” movement could result in a “world dictatorship” or a “global totalitarian state.” Would you elaborate?

McGuire: The United Nations is holding summits on sustainable development and climate change in September and December that some believe could lead to initial steps toward what is known in academic circles as the “Global Union” or the “New International Order.” A number of world leaders are attending these events. While the voluminous reports released by the U.N. refer to the need to address climate change to help the poor, many are concerned about “global governance” reforms buried deep inside these documents. The U.N. authors wrote that the next 10-15 years will be “some of the most transformative in human history.”  What we have uncovered in The Babylon Code is a prophetic template that began in ancient Babylon and will culminate in the end times with the emergence of a geopolitical, commercial and religious system known as “Mystery, Babylon” and “Babylon the Great” in the Book of Revelation. It’s hard to watch current events and not come to the conclusion that we are now witnessing the creation of this end-times system predicted by the Apostle John and other biblical writers.  

Anderson: This was one of the most stunning admissions I encountered as I did research for The Babylon Code. The report by the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University listed 12 major risks threatening the future of humanity. In addition to “extreme climate change,” “nuclear war,” “global pandemic,” “major asteroid impact” and “super-volcano” was “future bad global governance.” As I continued reading, the authors wrote they were concerned whether poor global governance would “result in a collapse of the world system” and “whether a world dictatorship may end up being constructed.” With world leaders around the globe increasingly calling for the New World Order, the report lends further credibility to the extensive evidence outlined in The Babylon Code revealing the world is now in the run-up to the end-times political and economic system predicted in Scripture.     

Q.  Can you tell us about the documentation you used and the journalistic standards you maintained in writing The Babylon Code?

McGuire: We deliberately did not engage in conjecture or highly speculative prophetic theories and employed the highest journalistic standards of research. We simply examined the Old Testament prophecies in light of history, consulting such works as those of Greek philosopher Plato, and discovered a coding system in the Bible consisting of phrases, symbols, numbers, and images. Through our intensive research, a clear set of patterns began to emerge as we delved into “Mystery Babylon” – discovering that God intended for this mystery to be solved in the end times so people could understand current events like globalism and the coming cashless society.  By weeding out clichés, half-truths and myths, we uncovered what we’ve coined The Babylon Code so people can understand where the world is prophetically and what the near future holds.

Anderson: In writing The Babylon Code, I employed the same journalistic standards I’ve used for more than two decades working as a professional journalist at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers, and as a frequent contributor to Reuters, Newsmax, National Wildlife, Christianity Today, Charisma,, Human Events and other media outlets. During my career, I’ve won more than two dozen local, state and national writing awards, 2011 and 2012 Eddie Awards (“the most prestigious competition in magazine media”), was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and was featured as an investigative reporter in The McGraw-Hill Companies book, Careers for Puzzle-Solvers & Other Methodical Thinkers. I’m a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the nation’s premier association of writers of nonfiction who have met ASJA’s exacting standards of professional achievement. You can learn more about my journalistic credentials at

Q. In The Babylon Code you uncover some intense themes, yet the message of the book contains tremendous hope for the future. What did you discover in your research that enabled you to give real hope to your readers?

McGuire: The Babylon Code is not a doom and gloom book. Nor is it an escapist book. Christianity is not fatalism and God offers hope for the future. We aren’t suggesting that it’s possible for anyone to undo God’s prophetic end times plan as revealed in the Bible. But there is still hope for America and the world if God’s people will seek him with all their hearts in prayer. The Bible teaches that God always answers the prayers of his people if their hearts are right. We don’t believe God is finished with America and that God very much wants to supernaturally intervene in the affairs of our nation. But in order for God to intervene, God’s people must repent, seek his face and ask for a biblical revival. Even at this late date, we believe that God is willing to send revival to America.

Anderson: During the summer of 2012, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham wrote an open letter to “America and its deceived people,” comparing the nation to ancient Nineveh – the lone superpower of its time. When the prophet Jonah finally traveled to Nineveh and proclaimed God’s warning, the people repented and escaped judgment. Graham believes the same thing can happen in America. The letter was followed by Graham’s My Hope America broadcast during the week of Nov. 7, 2013 – his 95th birthday. Described as the largest event in the six-decade history of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Graham called on people worldwide to turn back to God. “It is the hope of the Second Coming of Christ that thrills me every day of my life,” Graham said in an interview. “I know that He’s coming again, and I know that He’s going to set up a kingdom of which there will be no end. In Titus 2, it says, ‘Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.’ ”






We are very thankful that "The Babylon Code" is now
the # 1 Best Selling Prophecy Book in the World!

"My co-author and I are thankful to God for this because it opens many doors that otherwise may not be open for us to present the truth of the Gospel through Bible prophecy. It also gives us and the people who buy it an opportunity to win souls for Jesus Christ, which is the primary reason Troy and I wrote the book. Please pray that God will continue to use us to produce a film along with The Babylon Code book to reach the lost and influence this nation at this most critical time!” – Paul McGuire

We're getting some amazing reviews of The Babylon Code (4.80 ratings on Goodreads and Audible) and we wanted to bring these comments on Facebook to your attention:

"Have you ever read a book, and even before you were finished, wanted to share some fantastic insight, information, or secret knowledge from the book with your friends, relatives and co-workers? This is one of those books. Goose-bump inducing, head-turning information, wacking of forehead inducing. Calmly and scientifically, using the Bible, breaking the code, to explain what has been puzzling us for eons. If you read one book the rest of your life, this is the one."

– Carlos M Fernandez Jr. , a reader of The Babylon Code, in his review of the book on Breitbart's Army group on Facebook.

Thanks for everyone's great work on this project! – Paul and Troy

"Reading your book (THE BABYLON CODE) has helped me a lot in my journey (from atheism to faith in God). The more I read the Gospels, the more I think the modern dispensationalists are the only ones to understand what Jesus was really saying - namely, that the end times are near, and the only important thing to do in life is to prepare for it. Of course, preparing for it means feeding the hungry, giving to the poor, loving thy neighbor, etc. But that only makes sense in the light of the imminent coming of the kingdom of heaven."
“How did I get interested in this topic? That's a long story. I've been interested in the apocalypse for a long time. I even started a kind of survivalist community in Scotland once, and wrote a book about it. But what sparked my interest most recently was my study of Christianity in the USA. I realized I actually knew very little about this, and started reading up on the origins of fundamentalism, evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, etc. While reading about fundamentalism, I came across dispensationalism, which I had heard of before, but didn't really understand. I also started reading Christian novels like This Present Darkness. Anyway, I can't remember how I came across The Babylon Code, but it was probably while I was googling around these other topics. I remember being a bit skeptical at first, partly because I am British and find some American writing unpalatable, but I was pleasantly surprised to find your book very easy on the ear (I say ‘ear’ because I bought the audiobook). It was very clearly written and easy to follow, and engrossing.”

– Dylan Evans, a former atheist and humanist, author and academic who received his PhD in Philosophy from the London School of Economics. His Twitter handle is, “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.”   


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